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Friday, March 1, 2019

Are You Really Mine?

Finally done! And this one is going to a fabulous person at MoPop (the museum formerly known as Experience Music Project a.k.a., my old job) today.

I've included a picture of what it looks like under black light. Wooooo......



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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tiny Rachro Flowscapes

Come with me on a journey through time and spaaaaaaaace...into my tiny abstract ink landscapes---RACHRO FLOWSCAPES.  I have been painting miniature ink pieces on repurposed domino tiles and they are backed with super strong neodymium magnets, so they will hold up all kinds of things on your fridge with ease, like buttah!

When I painted these, I imagined myself becoming really tiny and strolling through each vivid landscape as it appeared in front of my eyes while the ink was drying.  The details on each one are almost microscopically small, and the photos don't really capture their magic due to the reflective shininess, but it is there and I am in love with every single little fantasy world that came out of these pieces.  Some have flowers or rain; Some have canyons or mountains;  Some are Martian landscapes; Some have purple rain. They are all a little surreal and have an abstract/impressionist/fantasy quality.

My altered domino art magnets are topped with high-quality jewelry grade resin, so they look like glass and will not yellow over time.  So smooth. (They feel really good in your hand, I have to selfishly admit.)  The sides are painted for a decorative finish, usually metallic copper or black.

Each domino is available for purchase and can be shipped domestically within the United States.  If you have any questions, you can just message me on the Facebook page.

You are invited to go to my Facebook page.  Here is the link to the album created just for my dominos. Thank you for looking! Wheeeeeeeee!


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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Something for the girl with everything

A very generous person gave me their collection of old Sparks albums, which included this one called Propaganda.  I think it came out super groovy.

If you would like to purchase this perky album, please visit my Big Cartel store with this link to the record:

Thank you for looking!

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Towering Inferno: An Architect's Dream

The record above was formerly the Warner Brothers soundtrack to The Towering Inferno.
Whoever owned it previously circled the side number and the track entitled, "An Architect's Dream."
We may never know why...