Sunday, March 30, 2014


Here's a slightly unusual and very old 10-inch record. I love how the colors came out.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We could walk around all day long

Another vibrant 45, courtesy of John Cougar Mellencamp.
This was done in a flatter, non-glossy style as an experiment.  Inspired by my incredibly talented friend, OneSevenNine, who is my favorite local artist and the coolest chick in all of Seattle, I'll tell you what.

Shoot that poison arrow

Super vibrant greens, blues, and brown on this ABC 45.
Although I was never a huge new wave fan, it takes me right back to the old 1982 MTV days of my youth.  We high school freshman were the generation MTV was invented for.  We watched it launch from the launchpad, followed by the Buggles. And now MTV isn't even MTV anymore and we are the demographic it couldn't care less about.  Things change...

Sippin' on a cherry soda pop

Brandy, by The O'Jays.  This record is pretty like shiny candy!  It is one of my smaller paintings, done on a 45 rpm record.

What is Life?

Here is a record painted in honor of Ray Charles, one of my heroes.  It hangs in an office now.
I had the privilege of seeing Ray Charles for my 11th birthday, at the now demolished Tower Theater in Houston.  It was one of the biggest thrills of my life.  Part of his encore included playing The Yellow Rose of Texas and the crowd went insane for it.  You know how proud Texans are...

Eyes of the World

This Wake of the Flood record was specially requested for a Grateful Dead lover living in Portland, OR. 
I really love how it came out.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tin Umbrella Coffee is showing my records!

My records look great at the coffee shop.  And I am proud to be associated with this great place, where every latte is an artfully crafted, delicious masterpiece.

Check it out: