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Monday, February 20, 2017

Poppieeeeeeezzzzz will make them sleeeeeepyyyyy (and let electrical appliances function)

Oh, summer...I love growing things in my garden.
I painted this electrical outlet cover with some bright and colorful red and pink classic poppies.  The baby poppie details in this piece are so tiny---some as small as the point of a pin.  I really enjoyed creating the small details.

My outlet covers, Rachro domino flowscapes, and painted records are available to view and purchase on my Facebook page, Records by Rachro.  You are invited to share the info and comment or ask questions there.

Each outlet cover is protected for durability with UV protectant and an acrylic polyurethane coating.

Plug in, turn on, tune Rachro outlet covers.

Hi!  Along with my tiny Rachro Flowscapes, I've also been painting electric outlet covers!

I am a big fan of functional art, and here I've taken something boring and turned it into something fun and colorful!  Plug in and turn on, man.
They are painted with vivid inks with incredible detail, and are sealed and protected with UV protection and polyurethane for durability.

You can view more at the Records by Rachro Facebook page.
Click right here:  Records by Rachro on Facebook 

They are each available for purchase 😊and can be shipped within the United States.  If you have any questions about any of them, please message me on the Facebook page :)