Monday, February 20, 2017

Electric Rainbow

Here is another Rachro outlet cover, hand painted by me!  It is vibrant and beautiful; Even moreso in person.

Listen: Your appliances want to speak to you, and through this decorative electric outlet cover, now they finally have the means to say they don't want to be ignored or fade into the background anymore. They can now say, "Here I am.  Plug me in.  Turn me on, right here next to this couch."

Bland is boring. Don't be boring.

My outlet covers, Rachro domino flowscapes, and painted records are available to view and purchase on my Facebook page, Records by Rachro.  You are invited to share the info and comment or ask questions there.  They can be shipped anywhere within the United States.

Each outlet cover is protected for durability with UV protectant and an acrylic polyurethane coating.

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