Monday, February 20, 2017

Blue Ocean and Sand

Here is a relaxing blue-themed landscape, hand painted by yours truly on an electrical outlet cover.  I sort of imagined myself at a beach, standing off to the side and up a little hill, looking at pebbles and wild grass.

Here's my question: Can an electrical outlet in your living room transport you to another place and time?  Yes.  Yes, it can and I am proving that fact right now as you are reading this and indulging in my beach fantasy.

My outlet covers, Rachro domino flowscapes, and painted records are available to view and purchase on my Facebook page, Records by Rachro.  You are invited to share the info and comment or ask questions there.  They can be shipped anywhere within the United States.

Each outlet cover is protected for durability with UV protectant and an acrylic polyurethane coating.

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