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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Happy Bees on Flowers

I recently painted a colorful painting in the Ukrainian Petrykivka style. I added some cute little bees at my mother's request (save the bees!).  Even though bees aren't typical in traditional Petrykivka, I thought they came out nicely. I like to do my own twists on the things I learn.

I also uploaded the design to Redbubble, if you would like to peruse the fabulous products they offer and order something with my little bees and pretty flora.

They have a wide range of things to choose from: clothing, smartphone covers, tablet covers, notebooks, wall art, scarves, clocks, travel mugs, coffee mugs.  Just about anything!

Here's the link:
Rachro Redbubble

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Write, Draw, Sleep, Drink Coffee. 'Cause this is my united mandala of whatever.

What if you wanted a certain Rachro record but someone else already got it?  Bummer.  It happens.

If you really loved a certain record but the original is no longer available,  don't despair - because now some of my previous designs can be printed on merchandise.
It's not a record, but it's still just as cool.

If you have a personal request for a specific record in my collection that you'd like to see in my merch store, please contact me and I'll see what I can do to help.  But check this out.  I must say, the journals and pillows look super cool with a record mandala on them.
I love the hardback blank books, too.  So many nifty doodads.
Travel coffeemug!  Now yer talkin'!