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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Shoot that poison arrow

Super vibrant greens, blues, and brown on this ABC 45.
Although I was never a huge new wave fan, it takes me right back to the old 1982 MTV days of my youth.  We high school freshman were the generation MTV was invented for.  We watched it launch from the launchpad, followed by the Buggles. And now MTV isn't even MTV anymore and we are the demographic it couldn't care less about.  Things change...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

There's a message floating in the air

This record was painted for my friend, Kathy, in New Mexico.  She had asked me randomly if I had this album, and I did not.  But one day, just a few months later, I was at Goodwill looking for records, and this one was on the front of one of the stacks and jumped right into my basket.
Oh hai, Osmonds.
Really, it was just like that.
I know you'd like to hear and see this incredible song. Here ya go.  Man, I love this song.